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Sashia Samira

Located in the golden business triangle of Mega Kuningan, Asuku Japanese Dining is a little piece of Tokyo in Jakarta.

Asuka has a truly Japanese feel and after you settle in it’s not hard to imagine that if you stepped outside you would find yourself in downtown Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka.

The interior incorporates traditional Japanese prints with a modern touch and the sushi bar offers a tempting array of brightly colored sashimi.

The restaurant, affiliated with Singapore’s Tatsuya Goodwood Park Hotel, is located in the JW Marriot hotel and is perfect for a romantic dinner or indulgent lunch break.

For private luncheons or family gatherings, the Tatami room is available for booking. Asuku also delivers and if you like a particular chef, they can be arranged to cook at a party or event of your choice.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, you can opt for the Omakase – a tantalizing selection chosen by chefs Nishiura Osamu and Uekuri Kazuo.

Premium Ootoro, blue fin tuna belly, amberjack and halfbeak Sashimi is followed by soft shell crab in clear soup and mouth-watering grilled wagyu beef. The Omakase selection also includes seven other traditional dishes as well as a refreshing dessert of Japanese melon and loquat or peach, with a starting price of Rp1.5 million.

Another plus is that Asuku is very receptive to the requests of its customers. “For instance, if you don’t eat meat and order the Omakase set we will substitute those dishes with something else,” says Jessica Gozali, Asuku’s assistant manager.

On top of that, the menu changes each month depending on the produce available. “Each month we serve a different menu because fish, vegetables and fruit are seasonal,” explains chef Osamu. “Freshness is our key point,” adds Gozali, and she is not wrong. Asuku is a culinary journey that conjures up the freshness of Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market.

For those looking for the freshest blue fin tuna in town, take note. Fresh fish is delivered to Asuku every Tuesday and Friday.
And, don’t miss out on the summer special of Okoze, a fish offered to the “Tengu,” a supernatural creature in Japanese folklore, art, theater and literature, in exchange for a successful day’s work. Who knows, you might walk away from Asuku with more than a memorable lunch.

The detail too, is divine. Asuku has signature-engraved chopsticks, while friendly chefs offer you specially designed shark skin pallets to grate the famous Japanese horseradish for a bit of spice.

One of the pleasures of Asuka is being treated as a guest in a Japanese home rather than a customer. After a few visits to Asuku, the wait staff will remember your favorite dishes.

“We treat our customers like family, whether they’re new or regular, because that is Asuka. Asuka was a period in Japan and it was a very successful time for the country. It also means the fragrance of tomorrow. We hope Asuka customers will smell the success of tomorrow. A satisfied stomach makes a happy heart,” smiles Gozali. GA