Legal Nightmare Continues for Indonesian Apple iPad Sellers

By webadmin on 12:18 pm Nov 08, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

The legal woes of two men charged with attempting to sell Apple iPads without Indonesian-language manuals are continuing, despite a court clearing the men of any wrongdoing.

Lawyer Virza Roy Hizzal said prosecutors had appealed after the Central Jakarta District cleared his clients, Randy Lester Samu and Dian Yudha Negara, late last month.

Policemen posing as buyers arrested Randy and Dian late last year during what the police claimed was a crackdown on electronics smuggling. The pair, attempting to sell two iPads on Kaskus, a popular online forum, spent 65 days in detention before the trial began.

The presiding judge on Oct. 26 ruled that as the defendants were not distributors, importers or manufacturers, they were under no legal obligation to be certified, as the prosecution alleged.

Further, the Trade Ministry presented evidence during the trial that the iPad was “not among the 45 items that must have Indonesian-language manuals,” Judge Sapawi said.

Despite the ruling, Virza said prosecutors had appealed to the Supreme Court.

“The prosecutors should have accepted the verdict and ignored their egos,” he said. “They should be able to select which cases to appeal to ignore.”

He said that by filing a final appeal, the prosecutors decrease public confidence in the Attorney General’s Office, which is particularly aggressive against “the small people” but passive when they face the legal mafia.

He also regretted the haste of the prosecutors, given that lawyer Yusril Ihza Mahendra, a controversial former justice minister, was challenging the acquittal in the Constitutional Court.