Left on Red? Pay a Fine, Say Jakarta Police

By webadmin on 11:38 am Oct 22, 2009
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The Jakarta Police will begin enforcing an article in the new Traffic
Management Law that prohibits motorists from turning left on a red
light, a traffic officer said on Wednesday.

Under the old law,
drivers of all vehicles — including cars, buses and motorcycles — were
permitted to turn left on a red light, often interfering with traffic

Sr. Comr. Condro Kirono, head of the Jakarta Police’s
traffic management directorate, said the article, which came into
effect on June 1, carried a maximum fine of Rp 250,000 ($26). However,
he said the actual fine would be determined by a judge.

Susantono, chairman of the Indonesian Transportation Society, welcomed
the announcement, saying that the new rule would help to ease traffic
in the city.

Bambang said he hoped the law would encourage
road users to obey traffic signals, adding that authorities needed to
educate the public about the new law before it was fully implemented.

in Jakarta is really bad and most public transportation drivers don’t
have the right attitude,” he said. “We hope the new rules will make
driving around the city better.”

Condro said police would
immediately begin to enforce the law, which also requires motorcyclists
to turn on their headlights during the day.