Latest Sex Video Purports to Feature Cut Tari

By webadmin on 01:01 pm Jun 08, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

A third sex tape allegedly featuring Peterpan frontman Ariel has been leaked to the Internet — though this time the ‘starlet’ resembles model and gossip show presenter Cut Tari.

The video, titled “Cut Tari – Ariel” has yet to be removed from Youtube,

According to the clip’s metadata, the almost nine-minute clip was shot on Nov. 18, 2006, at 6.18 p.m.

The graphic video follows the leaking of two pornographic films allegedly involving Ariel and his current girlfriend, high-profile celebrity Luna Maya.

Cut Tari is the host of infotainment program “Insert,” which airs daily on Trans TV at 11 a.m. She has also starred in a number of commercials, including for KFC.

Speculation about the existence of yet more sex tapes featuring a who’s who of Indonesian celebrities is continuing to mount.

One twitter user, whose claims could not be verified, claimed that there were 24 sex tapes featuring one man and different women.

Cut Tari’s name on Tuesday was the number nine most discussed topic in the world.