Latest List Shows 45 People Aboard Crashed Sukhoi Jet

By webadmin on 03:24 pm May 10, 2012
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The latest list of passengers aboard the crashed Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplane shows that there were 45 people on the plane, most of whom were Indonesians, with eight Russians.

The list was displayed at midday on Thursday at the crisis center set up at Halim Perdanakusumah Airport in East Jakarta to accommodate families of the feared-to-be victims, as wreckage of the plane was finally spotted on Thursday morning around Mount Salak in Bogor, West Java.

Fourteen of the passengers were from Indonesian airline Sky Aviation, which had purchased 12 of the SSJ 100s for $380.4 million.

The plane went missing on Wednesday afternoon during a demonstrational flight, part of Russian jet manufacturer Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s Asian road show to promote the “all-new civilian” jets.

It took off from Halim shortly after 2 p.m. and was expected to return in less than an hour, but lost contact around 3.30 p.m.

At the time of writing, a search and rescue mission was still trying to reach the area where the wreckage has been spotted.

Representatives of local aviation firms and Sukhoi, as well as some journalists, were among the passengers.

The list contained these names:

1. Kornel M. Sihombing (from Dirgantara Indonesia)
2. Edie Satriyo (Pelita Air)
3. Darwin Pelawi (Pelita Air)
4. Gatot Purwoko (Airfast)
5. Peter Adler (Sriwijaya Air)
6. Herman Suladji (Air Maleo)
7. Donardi Rahman (Aviastar)
8. Anton Daryanto (Indonesia Air Transport)
9. Arief Wahyudi (Trimarga Rekatama)
10. Haidir Bachsin (Catur Daya Prima)
11. Nam Tran (Snecma-Perancis)
12. Rully Darmawan (Indo Asia)
13. Ahmad Fazal (Indo Asia)
14. Insan Kamil (Indo Asia)
15. Edward Edo M (Indo Asia)
16. Ismie (Trans TV)
17. Aditya Sukardi (Trans TV)
18. Dody Aviantara (Majalah Angkasa)
19. DN Yusuf  (Majalah Angkasa)
20. Femi (Bloomberg News)
21. Stephen Kamaci (Indo Asia)
22. Capt. Aan (Kartika Air)
23. Yusuf Ari Wibowo (Sky Aviation)
24. Maria Marcella (Sky Aviation)
25. Henny Stevani (Sky Aviation)
26. Mai Syarah (Sky Aviation)
27. Dewi Mutiara (Sky Aviation)
28. Sussana Pamela (Sky Aviation)
29. Nur Ilmawati (Sky Aviation)
30. Rossy Withan (Sky Aviation)
31. Anggi (Sky Aviation)
32. Aditya (Sky Aviation)
33. Yabloncev (Sukhoi)
34. Kirkin (Sukhoi)
35. Kochetkov (Sukhoi)
36. Rakhimov (Sukhoi)
37. Shvetsov (Sukhoi)
38. Martishenko (Sukhoi)
39. Grebenshikov (Sukhoi)
40. Kurzhupova (Sukhoi)
41. Salim K (Sky Aviation)
42. Ade Arisanti (Sky Aviation)
43. Raymond Sukando (Sky Aviation)
44. Santi (Sky Aviation)
45. Ganis Arman Zuvianto

Five others were supposed to be on the plane but were not:

1. Budi Rizal (Putra Artha Dirgantara)
2. Syafrudin (Carpediem Mandiri)
3. Andika Monoarfa (Sigap Dasa Perkasa)
4. Suharso Monoarfa (Manhattan Group)
5. Edy Saryoko (Gatary)