Labor Unions Report Fauzi for Statements to Fire Victims and Jokowi

By webadmin on 05:49 pm Aug 14, 2012
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Nandra Galang Anissa

Several labor unions reported incumbent Jakarta governor Fauzi “Foke” Bowo to the Elections Supervisory Committee on Tuesday, saying that he abused a campaign regulation when he made a controversial statement to victims of a recent fire.

Fauzi was shown on TV last week speaking with victims of a fire in Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta. He asked the now-homeless victims: “Who will you vote for? If you’re voting for Jokowi, [then] just build [your new houses] in Solo,” Fauzi said, referring to his opponent in Jakarta’s September gubernatorial election runoff, Solo Mayor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

His statement was taped by a BeritaSatu TV reporter and uploaded to YouTube. Fauzi words sparked immediate criticism.

On Tuesday, several unions under the umbrella of the Labor Volunteers for New Jakarta reported Fauzi to the Jakarta office of the Elections Supervisory Body (Panwaslu Jakarta). They include the Indonesian Prosperous Labor Union Confederation (KSBSI), the Indonesian Metal Worker Union Federation (FSPMI) and the Indonesian Labor Union Federation (FSBI).

Surya Tjandra, a member of the group, said Fauzi’s statement was unsympathetic and might be interpreted as a form of violence and intimidation. He added the incumbent had abused the 2004 Law on Regional Administrations, citing Article 80 of the law saying state officials are banned from doing things that may benefit or inflict loss to certain candidates.

“Foke’s statement may be interpreted as an effort to benefit himself as a candidate, while inflicting loss to his contender,” Surya said.

Surya urged Panwaslu Jakarta to investigate the case, adding that Fauzi could face six months in jail if he was found to have abused the regulation.

Panwaslu Jakarta head Ramdansyah said his office had asked the labor group to add evidence to the report so as to make it official.