KPK Says It Has Angelina-Rosalina BlackBerry Conversation Recording

By webadmin on 04:20 pm Feb 18, 2012
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SP/Robertus Wardi

The antigraft agency has kept a recording of an incriminating BlackBerry Messenger conversation between Democratic Party lawmaker Angelina Sondakh and corruption convict Mindo Rosalina Manulang, and has threatened to disclose it.

“You cannot erase the news regarding the tapping. We will prove it, believe me,” Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto said during an antigraft workshop on Thursday.

When testifying as a witness in the athletes’ village bid-rigging trial of former Democratic treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin, Angelina denied she had engaged in a BBM conversation with Rosalina.

She claimed that she did not have a BlackBerry at the time and therefore the conversation with Rosalina asking for money for Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum could never have occurred.

Bambang said Angelina had the legal right to dispute the claim because any witness or defendant is entitled to deny accusations leveled against them. But he added that there was a significant weight of evidence and witness testimony undermining her denial.

He said that when she made the denial in court on Wednesday, Angelina was testifying as a witness, not a suspect. As a suspect, she would receive special attention from the KPK and be given an opportunity to explain her position to the antigraft body.

“Just wait for it. The [KPK] chairman will explain everything,” Bambang said.

Nazaruddin’s lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, said he found it strange that information on BlackBerry conversations between Angelina and Rosalina had disappeared from a KPK record of interview (BAP).

“It’s strange that the first BlackBerry conversation was included in the BAP, but not the second one,” he said. “The [conversations] that contained requests for ‘Malang apples’ and ‘lubricant’ were from different periods. The funds were handed over in two installments and they were recorded in the conversations on Angie’s two different [BlackBerry accounts].”

He questioned why KPK investigators did not ask her about the second account or whether it was deleted.

“This indicates that the previous KPK people did not intend to touch Angie. The ‘big boss’ and the ‘big chief’ cited by Rosa are close to the previous KPK leaders,” he said.