KPK Probes Alleged Graft Involving Koran Procurement

By webadmin on 06:20 pm Jun 21, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating possible corruption related to Koran procurement at the Religious Affairs Ministry, a case allegedly involving high-profile graft convict Muhammad Nazaruddin.

“There is an investigation process [on this case] but [we] cannot name the suspect yet as investigative strategy,” said Bambang Widjojanto, deputy chairman of the antigraft agency known as KPK, on Wednesday. “We will analyze first whether the law violation is bribery or abuse of authority.”

In a discussion at Al-Azhar University earlier on Wednesday, K.M.S. Romi, a senior KPK official, first publicly revealed the investigation.

“Even Holy Book [funding is] corrupted,” he said as quoted by “How sad.”

Nazaruddin Umar, a deputy Religious Affairs minister, said he was unaware of the corruption allegations, but added that he doubted the case was legitimate.

“I will check tomorrow [Thursday],” he said. “We will be cooperative if the KPK needs evidence.”

Nazaruddin said that he had always warned his staff not to corrupt its procurement budget, in particular when involving a sacred text like the Koran.