Kalla Bemoans Missing Sense of Justice in Indonesia

By webadmin on 04:45 pm Sep 06, 2011
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Padang, West Sumatra. Despite improvements to the law enforcement system that have occurred during the reform era, the public still feels that a sense of justice is lacking in Indonesia, former Vice President Jusuf Kalla said here on Tuesday.

“Law enforcement has run well and there is unprecedented overcrowding in prisons in Indonesia, but the people still yell as if there were no law enforcement in the country because their sense of justice has not been met,” Kalla said.

The former vice president made the statement during a speech at Andalas University in Padang.

Kalla said that the perception of a lack of justice hinged on fairness.

“The matter of fairness is questioned by the public because there are people whose cases are processed and some are not,” he said.

He pointed out that there were certain high-profile and complex cases that took time and energy to investigate and prosecute, while many other clear-cut cases of criminality were ignored.
He also delineated how in the past 10 years the justice system had become focused primarily on three types of cases: terrorism, corruption and narcotics. But after all that time, none of these were being handled with any degree of certainty.

Kalla told the audience that to satisfy a sense of justice among Indonesians, the law would have to be upheld firmly and clearly for all crimes and criminals, and law enforcement at all levels would have to be purged of political motivations.