Kalimantan Governor Claims Dirty Politics Behind Sex Tape Scandal

By webadmin on 02:22 pm May 26, 2012
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The governor of West Kalimantan has come out and denounced a sex tape allegedly featuring his lawmaker daughter as a political attack on his family.

Cornelis M.H. has denied that his daughter, Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) lawmaker Karolin Margaret Natasa, was the person who appeared in the tape.

“That is not true. The video is a fake,” he said. He accused unnamed people of conspiring to destroy his daughter’s career by defaming her.

“This is politics. I know this because I am also in politics,” he said. “Politics is about destroying one another.”

Intelligence analyst Wawan Purwanto said sex tapes were often used to hurt political rivals, but he thought the motive in this case was blackmail.

“What [the perpetrator] was after is not the daughter but the father,” he said. “They also wanted to see the political party that supports them to suffer.”

The sex tape allegedly showed Karolin and another PDI-P lawmaker, Aria Bima, who has repeatedly denied that he is the man in the tape.

The video, circulated widely online, could breach two laws — the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions and the Anti-Pornography Law.

“We can investigate the couple involved or investigate the person uploading the video,” National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said. “The investigation is already ongoing.”

A source close to the case who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter said it was not Aria in the video, but a man identified only by the initials E.G.M., whom Aria had implicated earlier. The source said the pair had started a company called Advance Borneo and when it failed he got angry and released the tape.

Making and distributing pornography is illegal under the 2008 Anti-Pornography Law and carries up to 12 years in prison.