Julia Perez, Dewi Persik Catfight on Set of Indonesian Horror Flick

By webadmin on 03:24 pm Nov 07, 2010
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Jakarta. The set of a horror film has become a real-life nightmare for its two stars. On Saturday, Dewi Persik filed a complaint against co-star Julia Perez with the police in Matraman, East Jakarta. The two are shooting a horror movie, “Arwah Goyang Kerawang” (“Spirits of the Kerawang Dance”).

“We were shooting scenes for the movie,” Dewi said. “As written in the script, I said, ‘Hey, this is not the place where you can sell your body.’ Afterward, I was instructed to push Julia until she fell. But she held on to my ankle and I fell too.”

Dewi and Julia, also known as Jupe, then reportedly slapped and scratched each other.

“I took the initiative to file a complaint after consulting my father and [Ahmad] Dhani, my manager,” Dewi said. “I filed a report with the police, together with a doctor’s report.”

The two women shot to fame as dangdut singers before branching out into acting.

They both have a reputation for being provocative.