Jokowi’s Checkered Shirts Become Hot Fashion During Ramadan

By webadmin on 01:13 pm Aug 01, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Solo. Jakarta governor candidate Joko Widodo’s signature checkered shirts are rising in popularity in the run-up to the Idul Fitri holiday, with store owners reporting higher sales.

“Along with the momentum heading into the second round of the gubernatorial election, people outside Jakarta are getting more enthusiastic about Jokowi’s checkered shirts during the fasting month,” business owner Arjuna Suparto, who sells the shirts, told Antara state news agency in Solo, referring to Joko by his popular nickname.
Arjuna said orders for the shirts had increased sharply during Ramadan. His supply of the shirts has nearly run out he said, with about 30 people buying them daily, not counting customers who place orders from other cities.

“Ahead of Idul Fitri this year, we have sold almost 2,000 shirts and are anticipating even higher demand,” he said. “In a day we can only produce 30 shirts, but to boost our supply we’re hiring more people to sew them this month.”

He said the shirts, which he sells for between Rp 100,000 and Rp 125,000 ($10 to $13), are popular in Jakarta; Yogyakarta; Semarang, Central Java; Cirebon, West Java; Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan; Samarinda, East Kalimantan; and Papua.

Jokowi, who is currently the mayor of Solo, began selling the checkered shirts in a bid to raise funding and win over young voters for his gubernatorial campaign in the capital. He garnered 43 percent of the vote in the July 11 election, while incumbent Fauzi Bowo got 34 percent. The runoff election is on Sept. 20.