Jokowi Says MRT Project Will Move Forward

By webadmin on 02:41 pm Nov 30, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Though Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said dealing with Jakarta’s mass rapid transit rail has given him headaches, he has decided to move forward with the project aimed at alleviating Jakarta’s perpetual gridlock.

“I summoned officials from PT MRT to explain [the construction plans] again, and now it’s clear,” Joko, popularly known as Jokowi, said Thursday night at City Hall, as quoted by “The MRT project will definitely be continued.”

Jokowi remained indecisive after three meetings with PT MRT and was confused about the tariff specifics and the high construction costs. “Listening to all that stuff [made] things even fuzzier and [made] me feel even dizzier,” the governor said.  

Last night’s meeting, though, cleared his head.

“Yesterday, I didn’t have any information about the price calculation, including the profit, loss and ticket tariffs,” he said. “But generally, it is no longer burdening my mind.”

PT MRT on Wednesday explained that ticket prices for the MRT, which would connect Lebak Bulus to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle, would be set at Rp 15,000, thanks to government subsidizing. Without the Jakarta administration’s contribution, the ticket would cost closer to Rp 38,000.

The governor noted that he expected the ticket price to be set at around Rp 9,000 or Rp 10,000, though in order for that price to be a reality, the central government would also have to contribute an allowance.