Jokowi or Foke? PKS Still Up in the Air Over Endorsement

By webadmin on 09:09 am Jul 16, 2012
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The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is still undecided about whether it will support Joko Widodo or Fauzi Bowo in the Jakarta gubernatorial runoff polls in September.  

“We are still studying the political dynamics developing in the community,” Muhamad Gunawan, a member of the PKS faction said. Muhamad was speaking at a forum at the University of Indonesia (UI) on Sunday.

The PKS is taking advantage of the remaining time to consolidate its cadres, he said.

He said both the Joko and Fauzi camps — who are of course also known as “Jokowi” and “Foke” respectively — recently met with Hidayat Nur Wahid, the PKS’ candidate in the gubernatorial election. 

“They have approached us, but we have not as of yet taken any stance. It is the party leadership that will decide the party’s stand,” he said.

Muhamad said that the PKS’s defeat at the polls did not reflect a lack of achievement from its regional leaders, but rather, showed the abundant choices Jakarta voters had. 

But Muhamad added that Wednesday’s loss made the party aware of a number of problems that needed to be resolved in the future. “Losses and wins are something normal in politics, but this will serve as a valuable lesson for us,” he said.   

A quick count by the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) showed Jokowi earned 42.74 percent of the votes on Wednesday, with Fauzi in second place with 33.57 percent.

Candidates must secure over 50 percent of votes to win the election. The Jakarta General Elections Commission (KPU) is tenatively set to announce the official result of the gubernatorial elections on Friday.