Joko to Build West Jakarta Sports Center

By webadmin on 08:47 am Feb 11, 2013
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A sports and recreation center for local residents in Pekojan, West Jakarta, is the latest project announced by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo as he seeks to improve local amenities to combat social problems.

The provincial leader announced the plan on Sunday as he visited local officials around the land where the recreation center, known as a GOR, will be built.

“There is a 6,000 square meters of land for the GOR. It’s scheduled to be built this year,” Pekojan ward leader Agus Yusuf said.

Joko said that the GOR was only intended for residents living around the area.

“[This will be] a sports and recreation center at a kampung level, not a city level,” Joko said at the site.

The governor confirmed that the project was scheduled to start this year.

During the visit, Joko saw rubbish scattered along the side of the street and three full rubbish carts in front of houses, due in part to the lack of a local rubbish dump. Joko ordered the West Jakarta mayor to find a solution to the problem.

“This is a problem for the residents. That’s what I saw. I have instructed the mayor to immediately find a location for the final dump site so that the [rubbish] no longer poses a problem for residents,” Joko said.

On the visit, Joko also presented children with school items, including 180 pairs of shoes, 200 school bags, 300 elementary school uniforms. He also gave two tons of rice to local residents.

Previously, Joko said that he would increase the number of parks and sports and recreation centers for young people to interact, in part to combat violent conflicts among the city’s youth.

The governor last year pledged to renovate five such places: at Kelapa Gading and Kpoja in North Jakarta; Pasar Minggu in South Jakarta; Tambora in West Jakarta; and Ciracas in East Jakarta.

The renovation costs ranged between Rp 18 billion and Rp 23 billion($1.8 million and $2.3 million) each.