Japanese Man Gets Three Years for Bribing Indonesian Judge

By webadmin on 09:09 pm Dec 04, 2012
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Rezza Estilly

Bandung. The Bandung Anti-Corruption Court on Tuesday sentenced Japanese national Shiokawa Toshio to three years in prison, finding him guilty of bribing a judge of the local industrial court and making him Indonesia’s first foreign graft convict.

Toshio was also ordered to pay Rp 200 million ($20,800) in fines, or serve an extra six months in jail.

The sentence is lower than the seven years sought by prosecutors.

Toshio, the president director of Onamba Indonesia, was proven guilty of bribing Imas Dianasari, an ad hoc judge with the Bandung Industrial Relations Court, over a labor dispute case involving the electrical wire manufacturer.

The court ruled in favor of the company and allowed it to discontinue the employment of workers who had joined a labor strike, shortly before Onamba’s human resources manager Odi Juanda gave Imas the Rp 200 million bribes.

Imas was sentenced to six years in jail in January, while Odi got four years behind bars.