Jakarta to Soft Launch Indonesia’s Largest, Most Modern Bus Terminal

By webadmin on 04:53 pm Jun 06, 2012
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Lenny Tristia Tambun

Although construction of the Pulogebang bus terminal is only 80 percent complete, the Jakarta government is planning to soon soft launch the facility, an official said on Wednesday.

Udar Pristono, the head of the Jakarta Transportation Office, said the soft launch of Indonesia’s largest and most modern bus terminal was slated for the third week of June and would be attended by Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo.

“Although it is only 80 percent completed, many of the facilities are already available so we are launching it early,” Udar said.

He said that to support the TransJakarta bus network, the soft launch would allow the busway’s Corridor XI linking Kampung Melayu to Pulogebang, both in East Jakarta, to use the terminal.

“What is important in the inauguration of the operation of the Pulogebang terminal is that the TransJakarta Corridor XI will finally serve its last destination,” Udar said. “So far the TransJakarta Corridor XI buses only reach the East Jakarta mayoralty office and then make a U-turn under the Pulogebang flyover.”

There will also be four public minivan (angkot) routes that will end at the new terminal, while other modes of public transportation such as large and medium-sized buses will have to wait for the completion of the terminal’s construction.

Udar said work at the terminal is expected to be done by December.

“For the routes of the four angkot lines, I will announce them at the soft launch. What is certain is that those angkot will enter the terminal so that their passengers have easier access to the TransJakarta at the Pulogebang terminal,” he said.

Udar said the main terminal building will have four floors, the first of which will provide access to the bus corridors and will include supporting facilities. It will also have parking space for private vehicles and taxis.

The second floor will feature the arrival area for the city’s public transportation vehicles and inter-province buses. A food court and the departure area for inter-province buses will be on the third floor, while the fourth floor will hold transportation agency offices and lounging facilities for the bus crew.

It is hoped that the terminal, sitting on about 10 hectares of land and costing an estimated Rp 448 billion ($47.5 million), becomes a major transit point for people traveling into Jakarta from outside the capital region.

Fauzi earlier said construction of the Pulogebang terminal would adhere to environmentally friendly building concepts. It will be the largest bus terminal in Indonesia and is part of the New East Primary Center, a program to spur development in the area.