Jakarta to Build 33 Alternative Gas Stations This Year

By webadmin on 01:56 pm Jun 02, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

State gas distributor Perusahaan Gas Negara aims to construct 33 gas stations for alternative gas-based fuel in Jakarta to support the government’s newly-launched fuel-saving campaign.

There are already nine such stations, known as SPBG, in Jakarta, PGN director Jobi Triananda during a discussion on energy saving in Jakarta on Saturday. Instead of kerosene and diesel, the SPBG stations provide a compressed-natural-gas-based fuel called BBG.

The new stations would support the government’s promotion of alternative fuel, part of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s drive to cut down the use of subsidized fuel.

“This year we will build 33 SPBGs, and next year we will try to build even more,” Jobi said.

Echoing a statement on Friday by Transportation Minister E. E. Mangindaan, Jobi said public transportation systems such as TransJakarta buses would be prioritized in the conversion program.

Mangindaan has said the government would provide free conversion kits to support the shift. He has also asked state oil and gas firm Pertamina to equip their gas stations with gas dispensers.

Jobi said private car owners were expected to follow suit.
“We’re seeking to make SPBGs available everywhere so that people will try cheaper and more environmentally-friendly fuel,” he said.