Jakarta Poll Head ‘Guilty’ Over Troubled Voter List

By webadmin on 06:51 pm Jul 06, 2012
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Ronna Nirmala

The chairwoman of the Jakarta General Elections Commission (KPUD Jakarta) has been found guilty of committing an ethical violation for refusing to revise the flawed voter list for the July 11 gubernatorial election.

The Election Organizers Ethics Council (DKPP) gave the chairwoman, Dahliah Umar, a written warning and ordered her to revise the list by removing ineligible and fictitious voters.

“The defendant has abused the Code of Ethics in Elections Organization, specifically on occupational oath and principles of professionalism and accountability,” DKPP chairman Jimly Ashiddiqie said as he read out the verdict in Jakarta on Friday.

Jimly said Dahliah’s refusal to revise the voter list for the Jakarta election despite her acknowledgment that it included thousands of ineligible or fictitious voters was in violation of the 2010 KPU regulation on the mechanism to refresh voter lists.

Dahliah has previously said it would be easier to notify polling station officials about the illegitimate entries in their respective districts than to overhaul the entire list.

Only four of the seven-member DKPP found Dahliah guilty; three others considered her innocent.

Dahliah was reported to the DKPP by three of the six pairs of candidates competing in the Jakarta gubernatorial race. Four pairs have also filed a report with the Jakarta Police in connection with the case.

They pointed out that the figure of 7 million eligible voters identified by the KPUD was inconsistent with the Home Affairs Ministry’s announcement that it would issue just 5.6 million electronic identity cards for the capital.

Only bearers of Jakarta ID cards who are aged 17 or older, are mentally fit and are not in prison are eligible to vote in the election. Jakartans under the age of 17 who are married are also eligible to vote.

Watchdogs have attributed the discrepancy to “ghost voters,” people who do not exist or are ineligible to vote, though the KPUD has claimed it was a clerical error in data entry.

Only incumbent Governor Fauzi Bowo has not complained about the list.