Jakarta Police to Test DNA of Alleged Terrorist

By webadmin on 11:37 am Sep 10, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Jakarta police will summon the family of alleged terrorist Muhammad Toriq in order to ensure that the man who turned himself into police was actually Toriq and not an imposter.

Jakarta police spokesman Col. Rikwanto said on Monday that the 32-year-old terrorism suspect gave himself up late Sunday. He says a belt of explosives was strapped to Toriq’s body when he surrendered, but he handed it over along with a gun and ammunition.

Police will now conduct a DNA test to make sure this Toriq is not an imposter.

“This afternoon, the family will be called in to meet with Toriq,”  Rikwanto said, adding that after the meeting a DNA test would be conducted.

Last week, neighbors rushed to Toriq’s mother’s home in Tambora, West Jakarta after witnessing smoke shooting up from the house. They called the police, who searched the house and found explosive devices, including five homemade bombs, gunpowder, nails, ball bearings and other bomb ingredients.

He escaped from his home before the police arrived.

Toriq was allegedly linked to a plot to shoot police and bomb the Parliament building to wage “holy war” and establish an Islamic state in Indonesia.

On Sunday morning, Beji police chief Adj. Sr. Agust Widodo revealed that a man who looked very similar to Toriq was severely injured in a blast on Saturday night in Beji, North Depok.

The head of BNPT Ansyaad Mbai said that the police believed the man was Toriq after they found a suicide letter written to his mother, wife and child. He wrote in the letter that he committed the attack in order to seek God’s blessing.

On Sunday, before police were going to test the burned victim’s DNA, a man who claimed to be Toriq gave himself up.

“Toriq surrendered at 5:30 PM to a police post in Jembatan Lima [West Jakarta],” Rikwanto said on Sunday. “He turned himself in because he missed his family.”

It is not yet known if Toriq was involved in the recent Solo attacks.