Jakarta Police Kill Two as Gun Ring Bust Goes Wrong

By webadmin on 04:10 pm Jun 08, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Two men were fatally shot by Jakarta Police after allegedly trying to run during an arms bust in Bandung on Thursday, police said.

Doni Rahman, also known as Doni Buntung, and Teten were under investigation by the Jakarta police for allegedly making and selling homemade guns, Crime Unit of Jakarta Police Sr. Comr. Toni Harmanto said on Friday. The guns were reportedly used in a series of armed robberies in the greater Jakarta area.

“Members of the mobile detective unit managed to uncover a gun-making ring  in the Cipacing area of Sumedang, West Java,” Police spokesman
Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said.

Police learned of the homemade gun ring after arresting Muhammad Ibrahim, a.k.a. Wongso, on suspicion of robbing a jewelry store. Wongso reportedly told police he bought the gun from Doni, a man described by police as a career criminal.

Doni allegedly worked as a middleman, selling Teten’s homemade firearms to interested buyers, police said.

Police arrested Doni in Cileunyi, West Java, on Tuesday. He allegedly confessed to selling dozens of firearms to numerous people planning to commit robbery.

“Doni said that he got the firearms from Teten,” Rikwanto said.

Officers had Doni set up an undercover buy in Cileunyi, West Java on Thursday.

The two men met in a parked car near the Cipularang toll road as officers watched. But the two then allegedly tried to flee, entering the toll road and shooting at police officers as they gave chase.

Officers returned fire, killing both men near the Cawang Toll road exit.

Police are still searching for four other suspects, including three alleged middlemen and a gun courier.