Jakarta Police Hot on the Trail of People Behind Sex Tape

By webadmin on 12:14 am Apr 27, 2012
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Zaky Pawas

The Jakarta Police are searching for the creator and distributor of an online sex tape said to involve a female legislator, a police spokesman said on Thursday.

Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said the person who posted the video could be charged under the Law on Pornography as well as the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) for distributing pornographic content.

“If there is something improper being distributed to society via the Internet or through another electronic medium, it is our job to investigate,” he said.

“Of course we’ll investigate who was the first to upload the video on the Internet. That’s a violation of the ITE Law.”

Rikwanto said the police had examined the sex tape but could not verify the identity of the pair featured in it.

On Wednesday, sources refusing to be named confirmed to Beritasatu.com, an online portal that is a sister company of the Jakarta Globe, that the man in the video was E.G.M., a management consultant.

The sources quoted E.G.M. as saying that the sex tape was made with a MacBook Pro in a guesthouse in the West Kalimantan governor’s office.

E.G.M. allegedly told a source that at the time the video was filmed, he and the woman were involved in a business venture and a romantic relationship, but that they had since broken up.

Roy Suryo, a lawmaker from the ruling Democratic Party who has a background in IT, said the woman in the tape shared an uncanny resemblance with an Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) lawmaker with the initials K.M.N..

PDI-P lawmaker Aria Bima has denied being the man in the video. He said that while examining www.kilikitik.net, the website that first posted the video, he noticed E.G.M.’s name pop up as the site owner.

Aria said the site identified him as the man in the video in a bid to defame him, and he called on E.G.M. to come forward publicly and clear his name.

“If not, then I will report him to the police. I will report the owner of www.kilikitik.net, which sullied my good name, because it was that site that first made it public,” he said.

Rikwanto said someone had to file a complaint before the police could pursue a case against the pair in the video.

“We haven’t received a report yet,” he said. “But distributing the video online, that is already a criminal offense.”

Years ago, pop star Nazriel “Ariel” Ilham became the first person to be convicted under both the pornography and ITE laws after sex videos of him were circulated online. He said they were made for private consumption and had been stolen.