Jakarta Police Arrest 22 for Stealing Cars, Auto Fraud

By webadmin on 03:47 pm Jun 01, 2012
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The police in North and South Jakarta arrested 22 suspects on Friday for various, serious car-related crimes including theft and fraud, officers said.

North Jakarta police officer Sr. Comr. M. Iqbal said the North Jakarta police arrested 21 suspects on Friday for auto theft and vehicle registration certificate fraud.

Iqbal said the North Jakarta police had confiscated two cars, eight motorcycles, some fake letter T keys used to steal vehicles, two valid vehicle registration certificates and Rp 20 million ($2,140) in cash.

“They are charged with vehicle theft,” the North Jakarta police officer said on Friday as quoted by Suara Pembaruan, one of the Jakarta Globe’s Indonesian-language sister publications.

South Jakarta police chief Sr. Comr. Imam Sugianto said a woman named Lyd had been arrested for selling cars she had rented.

Lyd’s first crime involved renting an Toyota Avanza minivan for Rp 1.8 million and selling it for Rp 30 million to Rp 40 million, lower than car’s value. Most of the cars she rented and sold were Daihatsu Xenia minivans or Avanzas.

“Fourteen of the cars have been confiscated from the buyers who got them from Lyd,” Imam said. “She is charged with fraud which can carry a sanction of four years in prison.”

Suara Pembaruan