Jakarta Police Arrest 10 in Ramadan Firearm Raids

By webadmin on 06:22 pm Jul 26, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Jakarta Police have arrested 10 men and seized 49 firearms and 92 airsoft guns after nine days of raids in the capital targeting guns and firecrackers.

The raids are aimed at improving security during Ramadan, and were part of the 2012 Sendak Jaya Operation which was launched on July 17 and will be active until Aug. 5.

“We can already see the outcome of the first nine days of the Sendak Operation . . . this is part of police efforts to uphold the law,” Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Untung S. Rajab told a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

The head of the Jakarta Police operational bureau, Sr. Comr. Agung Budi Maryoto, explained that police seized 41 handguns and eight rifles (the licenses for which were expired), three homemade guns and 92 airsoft guns, or non-lethal replicas that fire pellets.

“As for the ammunition, we seized 1,736 bullets for the handguns and rifles, and 57,506 pellets for the airsoft guns,” Agung said.

He added police also seized 200,258 firecrackers, which commonly flood local markets during Ramadan, even though they’re illegal.

“We will destroy the firecrackers in near future. They came from places like Tangerang district, Tangerang city, Central Jakarta, Bekasi and Depok,” Agung said.

Police arrested 10 people during the raids, including three people for gun posession, five for air soft gun possessions and two for the firecrackers.

Agung said airsoft guns were commonly used for sport — but he suspected that those seized were intended for crimes.


  • Liao

    So…please tell me how confiscating airsoft guns will ‘enhance’ the security for Ramadhan? Shouldn’t the focus be on the missing dynamites? Reporting small meaningless and pointless victories to cover up their gigantic mistake?

    • Roland

      Liao – but that’s the whole reason for this exercise (and surely the press release released by the National Police to the media).

      But you are correct – there was no more update on the missing dynamite (as well as the fugitive terrorists from Medan)