Jakarta Police Arm Themselves as Terror Alert Levels Are Raised

By webadmin on 09:17 pm Jun 30, 2011
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Police in Jakarta are on high alert following indications of potential terrorist attacks on “police personnel and institutions,” state news agency Antara is reporting.

“Police force members have been given an instruction. As of now they must have their weapons at the ready for self-defense,” Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Gen. Sutarman said on Thursday.

Sutarman said the force’s rank and file had been told to increase their alertness and readiness against possible terror attacks against them.

He said officers had so far kept their weapons chained in cupboards.

Sutarman said there were indications that a terrorist group was now targeting police personnel and institutions.

Snr. Coms. Sujarno, head of the operational bureau of the Jakarta Police, said alert levels had been raised across all sectors and police stations.

Sujarno said the Jakarta Police leadership had assigned a regional security unit to monitor readiness at sector police stations.

Several police stations were attacked recently including the suicide the Az Ziqro mosque in the Cirebon city police compound in West Java and police officers in Poso, Central Sulawesi.