Jakarta Needs Modern Street Markets, Joko Says

By webadmin on 05:36 pm Oct 24, 2012
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Jakarta governor Joko Widodo wants the capital’s messy traditional markets to undergo a convenience store makeover he said after visiting a market in Central Jakarta on Wednesday.

“The markets [Lokbin] are so messy, very dirty and lack maintenance,” Joko told the Antara News Agency. “[The sellers] want Lokbin markets to be competitive with supermarkets or hypermarkets. I’m going to summon related [government] agencies to make it a reality.”

The traditional markets, which are run by the Jakarta Cooperative Agency, need to be upgraded before they can compete with the glitzier supermarkets and minimarts that have become common in Jakarta, he said.

“Jakarta government should pay attention to the seller’s needs, such as new kiosks,” he said, adding that the stalls should be made of stainless steel and ceramic to look cleaner.

At the Pasar Senen traditional market, in Cempaka Sari, Central Jakarta, vendors told the governor they were concerned about the high price of new modern kiosks.

“We want an affordable price for our kiosk,” a vendor said. “If it is possible, make it [as good] as a restaurant and a hotel. [But] we’re traditional sellers, so we want things being adjusted with us in mind. Our money is limited.”

The head of the vendor’s association at Pasar Senen, Ruslani, asked the governor to keep the price low.

Joko promised that a new market would not bring further hardships to the vendors.