Jakarta Needs a Brand Identity to Stand Out as a World Capital, Governor Insists

By webadmin on 08:10 am Feb 06, 2013
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SP/Deti Mega Purnamasari

Jakarta needs to establish a unique brand for itself and stand out from every other city in the world, in a bid to ensure its sustained development, Governor Joko Widodo said on Tuesday.

He said that the capital currently had no defining identity, and stressed the need to come up with something that would differentiate it from other cities and around which the city’s development could be focused.

“Think about going to Paris,” he said at City Hall.

“The first thing that comes to mind is fashion. We need the same sort of concept for Jakarta. People coming to this city have to have an idea of what this place is all about. So how do we want to develop Jakarta in the future?”

Joko added it was important to do this because developing a brand would give the city a focal point to develop supporting industries around, as well as make it a more desirable destination for tourism and investment.

The branding program is something Joko has touted since his election campaign last year. At the time, he said most major capitals around the world were easily recognizable as hubs of finance, fashion, tourism and so on, but Jakarta had no such distinct identity.

“With city branding we need to look at our potential, the potential of the people. If we want to stand out as a fashion capital, we have to differentiate ourselves from all the other fashion capitals,” he said.

“Paris, for instance, is the center for high fashion, so we have to have our own specialty. I believe that specialty could be Islamic fashion. We’ve already got that at Tanah Abang and Thamrin City [shopping centers], and we can pursue efforts to develop local brands.”

He echoed that call on Tuesday, saying that the city needed to have a clear direction.

He also called on city officials to involve the public more in their decision-making processes, saying it was crucial to give residents a sense of ownership in the city’s development.