Jakarta MP Questions ‘Cowboy’ Army Captain Seen Beating a Man on YouTube

By webadmin on 07:09 pm May 02, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

A captain with the Indonesian army caught on video attacking a motorcyclist on a West Jakarta street was called in for questioning by the Jakarta Military Police on Wednesday.

The video, titled “Koboy Palmerah” uploaded to YouTube by a man with the username UnpluggedTheTV, shows a member of the army striking the motorcyclist with a metal bat and firing a gun in the air. The motorcyclist had run into the man’s car and then kicked it in the ensuing argument. The video then zoomed in on the man’s license plate, showing that is was registered to a member of the armed forces.

Army spokesman, Brig. Gen. Pandji Suko Hari Judho said the man, identified only as “Captain A.,” fired an airsoft gun, not a real weapon.

“We saw the YouTube video yesterday, it is true that he is an army
member,” Pandji said. “I feel sorry for the incident.”

The incident began when Captain A. attempted to change lanes on Jl. Tentara Pelajar as he headed to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to pick up his sick mother, Pandji said. As his car merged, it was bumped by the motorcyclist. The two men exchanged words and pulled to the side of the road.

But when Captain A. — after learning that no one was hurt and there was no damage to either vehicle — tried to leave the scene, the motorcyclist kicked his car, Pandji said. The two started arguing again, during which time the captain started striking the driver’s helmet with a metal club and shooting his weapon in the air.

Pandji said that the captain’s training likely kicked in during the confrontation.

“It’s not easy for someone to pull out gun,” he said. “It
should only be in practice or in war. In this case he drew his gun out of instinct. It’s like when a snake is about to bite us,
instinctively we run away. The purpose is to protect ourselves.”

Still, the military police are investigating whether the captain broke any rules during the confrontation.

“If he indeed did something unethical, such as threatening or beating, he will be sanctioned according to the regulation,” Pandji said.

It is unknown what type of sanctions Captain A faces for his role in the clash.

“His promotion could be delayed,” Pandji said. “He might not be allowed to undergo additional training, or he could be fired or jailed.”