Jakarta Low-Cost Apartments to Get Face-Lift

By webadmin on 04:29 pm Aug 11, 2012
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Ronna Nirmala

The Jakarta administration will renovate four low-cost apartment buildings in Tambora, West Jakarta, that were built in 1984, an official said on Friday.

“It was the direct order of the governor to begin the renovation work immediately,” said Novizal, head of the city’s housing and building office. “He made a visit to the Tambora apartments recently.”

Novizal said the apartments were no longer fit for habitation and that the work was originally planned to start next year.

“The apartments in all four of the blocks measure 14 to 18 square meters,” Novizal said. “These types of apartments are no longer allowed as a housing type according to the new laws.”

A 2011 law on housing and residential areas stipulates that the smallest apartment should have a floor area of at least 36 square meters.

The apartment towers, Novizal said, will be expanded from four stories to 14 stories, containing 510 units. The ground floors will be used to accommodate businesses and public meeting places.

He estimated the cost of the work to be around Rp 180 billion ($19 million), which will come from the city budget.