Jakarta in Emergency Status Until Jan. 27

By webadmin on 02:35 pm Jan 17, 2013
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Ronna Nirmala

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo on Thursday placed the entire
capital under emergency status following the massive flooding that paralyzed
the city.


“Because of the situation, we’ve declared an emergency status
from today until Jan. 27,” the governor known as Jokowi said on Thursday after
meeting with some ministers and the head of the National Disaster Mitigation
Agency in his office.


The city administration will issue an official letter declaring
the emergency status that would allow the government to take extraordinary
steps to respond to the flooding crisis.


This is
for short-term solutions to the floods, such as the need for toilets,” Jokowi
said. “We can make direct purchases of [public] toilets, blankets and other
needs without going through a tender process first.”


rain from Wednesday night until Thursday morning had paralyzed the capital,
with floodwaters up to one meter deep rendering several roads impassable.


Transjakarta busway halted operations on Thursday morning while trains from
Bogor were only able to travel to Manggarai as the Kota and Sudirman stations
were inundated as well.


further said that schools in flood-affected regions could suspend classes until
the immediate problem was solved.


will get [flood] holidays as we have already discussed,” Jokowi said. “But this
is only in subdistricts where the impact [of the flood] can no longer be
handled. It’s better to give them a holiday.”


Jokowi said this policy did not apply to public servants.


No public
leave. If necessary, they should also work on Saturday and Sunday,” he said,
commenting on false messages broadcast via Blackberry Messenger that the
governor had announced today as a public holiday.


Antaranews.com reported that
according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, 27 of the 44 subdistricts
in Jakarta were affected by the flood.