Jakarta Election Commission Seeks $2.2m to Promote the Runoff Election

By webadmin on 06:36 pm Aug 08, 2012
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Lenny Tristia Tambun

The Jakarta General Elections Commission wants an additional budget of Rp 21 billion ($2.2 million) to promote the second round of gubernatorial elections among first-time voters and abstainers, an official said on Wednesday.

The commission, known as the KPUD, would use the funds to speak with student voters and distribute leaflets in the city about the candidates and the election, said Sumarno, head of the KPUD’s working group for promotion.

He said his group was determining the number of first-time voters based on a voter list issued by the KPUD on Tuesday.

“We already have a program to visit school campuses in Jakarta, to meet with students who are first-time voters,” Sumarno said. “We’ll give them information about the regional elections so we can increase their participation and they can use their voting rights independently.”

The leaflets, he said, would include information about the voting process and profile the two pairs of candidates running in the second round of voting on Sept. 20.

Some 1.5 million copies would be printed at a cost of Rp 300 million, he said, adding that the project was still in the tender process.

“We’ll send the leaflets to people’s houses, along with their voting invitations,” he said. “By about a week before Sept. 20, Jakarta residents will have received the leaflets and voting invitations.”

Because these promotional programs were not covered by the existing Rp 59 billion budget for the election’s second round, Sumarno said the KPUD would submit a request for an additional Rp 21 billion in funding from the Jakarta government and the legislative council.

Some of that Rp 21 billion could come from funding left over after the election’s first round, which had a budget of Rp 199 billion.

“We will propose that the remaining funds be shifted to cover additional costs for the second round of regional elections,” he said, adding that he did not yet know how much funding was left over after the first round.