Jakarta Declares Gubernatorial Election Day a Holiday

By webadmin on 09:33 pm Jul 04, 2012
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Lenny Tristia Tambun

The Jakarta administration has declared July 11, the day the city is to hold its gubernatorial election, as an official holiday, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Cucu A. Kurnia, the head of the city’s public information, said most government and private companies would not provide services on Wednesday of next week, and all government institutions as well as those in education, banking and trade are asked not to open.

Health and other vital services have been asked to allow their workers to vote if they remain open.

“The policy was decided to respect the voting rights of the people. It should not be that people cannot vote because they were not allowed by their offices. Therefore the Jakarta government declares July 11, 2012, as a holiday in Jakarta,” Cucu said.

He said the holiday will also allow the public to participate in monitoring the voting and vote counting process at their respective polling stations.

“So that the regional elections can proceed in a transparent, honest, fair and open manner,” he said.

Six pairs of candidates, two of them independents, are running in this year’s Jakarta gubernatorial election.