Jakarta Court Acquits Main Suspect in Kemang Bar Murder

By webadmin on 08:10 pm Jul 31, 2012
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The South Jakarta District Court acquitted on Tuesday the main suspect in the murder of 17-year-old Raafi Aga Winasya Benjamin, who was killed at a bar in Kemang, South Jakarta last year.

The panel of judges trying 42-year-old Sher Mohammad Febryawan said he was not guilty of either murder or assault of the Pangudi Luhur high school student.

Prosecutors had sought 12 years for Febry on charges of abusing three articles in the Criminal Code on murder and assault.

“[We] declare that the defendant [was] not proven validly nor convincingly guilty of committing a murder, nor of being involved in a group attack nor assault,” chief judge M. Razzad read from the verdict.

Raafi was stabbed at a brawl at Kemang’s SHY Rooftop bar on Nov. 5, 2011.

It was reported that Raafi and a friend pushed Febry’s wife Connie to the floor. Raafi died on his way to the hospital — the knife that was used in the attack was never recovered.

Seven suspects have been named in the case, including Connie, Martoga, Helmi, Fajar, Robby Hatim and Ali Abel. Febry was the first to stand trial.

Febry has maintained that neither he nor his friends were involved in the stabbing.

At the start of a separate trial on Tuesday, prosecutors sought one year in prison for Maratoga, Ali Abel and Robby, 10 months in prison for Helmi and Fajar and seven months in prison for Connie, all of whom were accused of varying degrees of assault against Raafi and his friends.

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