Jakarta 2012 Budget Projected to Hit Rp 35 Trillion

By webadmin on 06:46 pm Sep 22, 2011
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The Jakarta Provincial Government is projecting a likely budget increase of 10 percent over last year, bringing the total to Rp 35 trillion ($4 billion), BeritaJakarta.com reported on Thursday.

The rise of Rp 3.3 trillion was justified by Governor Fauzi Bowo as necessary to insure continued infrastructure development and the welfare of residents. Fauzi added that a 10 percent bump would be a “gift from God.”

“When I first started as governor in 2007, the local budget was only Rp 17 trillion. This is a gift from God, which has to be managed properly,” he said on Wednesday.

The governor called on all budget officials to carry out their duties with transparency and accountability.

Fauzi said that the 2012 budget would include large allocations for education, in following with 2011’s budget allocation of 26 percent.

Other high-priority programs include flood control, transportation development, pollution prevention and improvements in public health programs.