Islamic School Head Arrested in Terrorism Sweep Faces Forgery Charge

By webadmin on 04:19 pm Nov 19, 2012
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Farouk Arnaz

The head of an East Java Islamic boarding school accused of being a front for terrorist activities was arrested on forgery charges after police found four different identity cards bearing his photo.

Nasirudin Ahmad, the head of the Darul Akhfiyah school in Kepuh village, Nganjuk, was arrested on Saturday, mere days after being released from jail, a spokesman with the East Java Police said.

“We have named him as a suspect and we’ll [continue to] detain him,” Sr. Comr. Hilman Thayib said. “We’re trying to find out why he has four identity cards with different names.”

Nasirudin was arrested in a terrorism sweep last week that netted 49 of the headmaster’s students after the school was reported to police as a possible front for a terrorist training camp.

Local residents of Kepuh village had grown suspicious of the school’s nightly physical training sessions and the abundance of unknown students from outside the region, police said.

Officers seized books by radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, a movie about waging jihad, weapons and an air gun in the raid.

But Nasirudin and his students were released last Wednesday on a lack of evidence, police said.

The headmaster was then rearrested on the lesser charge, which carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

“My client was picked up to be investigated over the ownership of multiple identity cards (KTP),” lawyer Achmad Rofiq said.

The Indonesian government has been trying to crack down on the ownership of multiple identity cards, a common practice among some Indonesians. The new electronic identity card (e-KTP) program was instituted to rein in the loosely regulated industry.