Islamic Leaders Call for Arrest of Aceh Youth Who Attacked Shariah Police

By webadmin on 03:41 pm Oct 22, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Islamic leaders on Monday called on
police to arrest a group of young people who attacked Shariah Police
officers in Aceh after their music event was disbanded.

The incident in Aceh’s Langsa Timur
subdistrict on Saturday night saw 12 Shariah Police officers disband a
keyboard performance with hundreds in attendance in front of a house
owned by a man identified as Zulkifli, who claimed he wanted to
entertain people to celebrate his son’s acceptance into the
Indonesian army.

The Indonesian news site reported
that Shariah Police said the performance violated the regulation
issued by the Langsa mayor prohibiting performances in the evenings.

While most of the people left after the
Shariah Police arrived, some local youths reportedly insisted on
staying, including some girls. They mocked the officers and chased
them, throwing stones and bottles.

One member of the Shariah Police — Wilayatul Hisbah — was seriously injured when a rock hit
his head. Two other officers fled, hiding for two hours inside an Islamic
school some two kilometers away from the venue.

Dozens of Public Order Agency (Satpol
PP) officers soon arrived in patrol cars to assist the Shariah Police,
but they were also attacked and some ended up hiding inside the
school with the other officers.

They were only able to leave the school
after armed Langsa Police officers arrived at the scene.

Langsa Deputy Mayor Marzuki Hamid said
the Langsa administration would remain steadfast in upholding Shariah

“We will not retreat from making Langsa an Islamic
city,” he told “Evening shows
are no longer allowed in Langsa because they bring more disadvantages
than benefits as they can cause immorality.”

Hasbi Al Bayuny, the chairman of
Islamic organization Rabithah Thaliban Aceh (RTA), on Monday said
police should investigate and charge the attackers.

strongly condemn the action that humiliated Wilayatul Hisbah officers
and we demand the police to investigate the case,” Hasbi said as
quoted by Antara news agency.

He said Shariah police should
not be afraid as the majority of Acehnese support Shariah law.

“Don’t give up in upholding Islamic Shariah in Aceh, its
implementation is recognized by the law,” he said. “Those who
dislike Islamic Shariah in Aceh are against the law.”

spokesman of the Muslim Defenders Team, Muzakkar Ibrahim, said police
should arrest all the perpetrators.

“We urge police to
investigate who was behind the attack,” Muzakkar told the
Antara News Agency. “It is important to uphold the law to prevent Islamic
people’s anger.”