Is Your Business Boring and Predictable? Good!

By webadmin on 09:29 am Sep 21, 2012
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Coach Cynthia

If your business was a movie, what type of movie would it be?

If you use a lot of feeling in making daily decisions, then your business is like a romantic drama. The hero — in this case, you — follows the mood and uses a lot of gut feelings in many business decisions. When your mood changes, so do policies and direction. Dramatically emotional, but beware of the ups and downs in your employees’ performance. 

Alternately, perhaps your business is like an action flick where every moment is a crisis to be solved and fire to be put out. The heroine seems to endlessly jump from one place to the next trying to find solutions to all the chaos. It’s great to get your heart pumping, but how long can you stand it?

Or is yours like a horror film? You’ll never know what you’ll find at the end of your profit and loss statement. It’s almost like there’s an invisible monster ripping off your profits and cash every single month and you don’t know why. Pretty scary, eh?

Or if you like the lighter side, perhaps you’ve built your business like a comedy. Take it easy; every day is just one big funny event. Months go by without any serious attention to common goals. Just enjoy the ride. At the end of the year, the joke’s on you when you realize that the growth of your business year on year has not been significant.

As for my own business, I like it to feel like watching a boring film. I know what comes next and I know what to expect. Every scene goes by step by step and I can predict the end. I know it’s not that much of a thrill-maker, but when it comes to business, I like it boring and predictable.

Although there are steps to create a predictable business, many business owners — me included — have found challenges in creating it. It’s hard at times to refrain from chasing new ideas or making changes too soon and too often. It’s our boredom with predictability that gets our business in trouble sometimes.   

Here’s an example: Have you ever ran a marketing ad that was successful for a few months and then had a great idea, changed the headline, and watched the results decline? But you were bored of it. Sure, you were. But was your market bored? As long as the results were increasing, why change for the sake of excitement?

So, I like boring and predictable businesses as long as they give me returns. As for excitement, I will create it in other aspects of my life.

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