Internet Cafe Operator Arrested for Allegedly Hacking SBY’s Website

By webadmin on 07:38 pm Jan 29, 2013
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Farouk Arnaz

Police have arrested an Internet cafe operator in the East Java district of Jember, alleging that the man was responsible for hacking the Indonesian presidential website earlier this month.

Wildan Yani Ashari, 22, who works at an Internet cafe run by company CV Suryatama, was arrested on Friday by investigators from the National Police’s cyber crimes unit.

“His motive was just for fun; no messages, no political [motives]. He only turned the site,, into a black page like this,” the National Police’s special crimes director, Brig. Gen. Arief Sulistyanto, said on Tuesday, showing a picture of the site when it was hacked on Jan. 9.

Aside from a picture of a circle containing what appears to be a human face, the hacked page featured the writings “jemberhacker team” and “Hacked by MJL007.”

Arief said Wildan was a graduate of a vocational school specializing in computer science, but learned how to hack on his own and had hacked many sites.

“Aside from the presidential site, the perpetrator also hacked other sites, including … that of [Yogyakarta’s] Gunung Kidul Police,” Arief said.

“We obtained the perpetrator’s IP address and determined that his location was in Jember from our online investigation. From his CPU’s work file history, we found out that he has hacked many other sites,” he added.

Arief said police have charged Wildan with two articles of the Telecommunications Law and the Electronic Information and Transactions Law, which carries with it a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.