Injured Survivors Recount Horror From Hospital Beds

By webadmin on 01:46 am Jul 18, 2009
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Dessy Sagita, Lisa Siregar, Markus Junianto Sihaloho, & Putri Prameshwari

Dozens of people, including foreigners, were rushed to hospitals with injuries on Friday after two bombs ripped through the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.

Sixteen people were initially admitted at Jakarta Hospital in Central Jakarta.

Timothy Mackay, chief executive officer of cement maker PT Holcim Indonesia, died there from major injuries incurred in the Marriott blast.

Among those who survived was David Potter, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, who suffered a left leg fracture in the attack. Potter was later transferred to Medistra hospital in Kuningan for orthopedic surgery.

His colleague at PT Freeport Indonesia, Adrianto Machribie, was reportedly in slightly better condition at the same hospital. Actress and friend Christine Hakim said that Adrianto had sustained head and leg wounds in the bombing.

“He can still communicate with us,” she said after visiting the Freeport senior adviser, “but of course he looked very shocked.”

Another foreign national, Canadian Edward Thielsen, who works at the Marriott’s Sailendra restaurant, was transferred from Jakarta Hospital to the Pertamina Hospital in South Jakarta. The head of the emergency unit at the first hospital, Binsar Ompusunggu, said his facility did not have the equipment to treat burns that cover more than 30 percent of a patient’s body.

“All patients are awake and we have many doctors standing by including orthopedists, internists and surgeons,” he said, adding that two Indonesian victims, Deni Purwanto and Andri underwent surgery for fractures.

Johan, a chef at the Ritz-Carlton, said he was in the kitchen when he heard a noise that sounded like a large firecracker.

“But then I smelled ammunition and suddenly there was a thundering blast, and the next thing I knew everybody was being escorted out of the hotel,” he said.

Jimmy Maukar said his cousin, Aryo Pinandito, who is a kitchen staff member at the Ritz-Carlton, told him he was preparing breakfast for hotel guests when the blast occurred, injuring his arm and damaging his hearing.

Aryo, however, still managed to save one of his friends, dragging him outside where he sought help from others.

“I thought it was a car accident, but then a bigger explosion happened,” Jimmy said, quoting Aryo.

Other victims — Sidik Maulana, Henri, Sahman, Choirul Anam, M. Roni, Bambang Yulianto, Endang Setiawan and Wahidul Kohar — were treated at Jakarta Hospital, while two Panin Bank employees — Dewi Lestari and Ririn — were allowed to go home after being given first aid.

At MMC Hospital, not far from bomb sites, 36 victims were admitted, including 11 foreigners. Deni, a customer service officer with Panin Bank, which has an office at a building next to the Marriott, was there with three friends who had been injured in the blast — Yurika, Oki Utomo and Rinaldo Damanik.

“At 7:45, I went to the toilet and heard a bang. I got out of the toilet and saw my three friends wounded,” Deni said. The second blast struck as she was escorting her injured friends into a taxi to take them to a hospital. “After the second bang, I knew it was a bomb.”

Bara Hasibuan, a member of the Yudhoyono-Boediono campaign team, was at MMC to visit his friends, Max Bon and Peter van Wessel, two Dutch men wounded in the attack.