Indonesia’s Trigana Airlines Yet to Resume Flights to Mulia After Shooting

By webadmin on 07:02 pm May 21, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

More than a month and a half after gunmen strafed a Trigana airplane right after it landed at Mulia airport Papua, the airline has yet to resume serving the airport, one of its executives said on Monday.

“I do not know when we will reopen the route to Mulia because we are awaiting the psychological condition of our pilots and crew,” Irwan Rochendi, Trigana’s assistant manager for Papua, told Antara news agency.

He said that although the aircraft involved in the incident has already resumed flights to Jayapura’s Sentani airport, the pilots and crew were still traumatized by the shooting that killed one passenger and wounded four others aboard the plane.

The incident took place on April 8.

“Our pilots and crew are still traumatized, still carrying the burden of the shooting incident,” Irwan told Antara.

The airline was losing money from not flying to Mulia, Irwan said.

To encourage Trigana to resume flights to Mulia, authorities have cleared bushes from the area around the airport and plan to build a fence surrounding it. The police have set up several permanent security outposts around the airport and the surrounding hills, from which snipers can operate.

Trigana operates three planes in Papua.