Indonesia’s Religious Affairs Minister Wants More Hours for Religious Classes

By webadmin on 07:06 pm Oct 01, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma
Ali said on Monday that he would raise the idea of adding hours for
religious lessons in schools with the education minister.

“I’ll talk to him about increasing
religious lessons,” Suryadharma said, referring to Education and
Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh. He was speaking after attending the
commemoration of Pancasila Sanctity Day in Lubang Buaya on Monday.

“It could be integrated in the school
curriculum or offered as extra lessons outside regular school hours,”
he added.

Suryadharma said the students needed
more lesson on values and morality, primarily to prevent them from
turning to bad behaviors such as violence, vandalism and using
illegal drugs.

“We want parents and teachers to pay more
attention to the development of students,” he said, adding that
teachers should search students’ bags to check for weapons, rocks or
other illegal stuffs.

Last week, two students died in a brawl
between senior high schools SMU 6 and SMU 70 in Bulungan, South
Jakarta, and between SMU Kartika Zeini and SMU Yayasan Karya 66 in

Police have arrested the alleged perpetrators
for both incidents. One of them, a student with the initial A.D.,
told police he felt satisfied that he was able to retaliate.
Ministry of Education and Culture on Thursday said that science
and social science will be taken out
of the elementary school’s
curriculum next year to provide children with less school time.

ministry said that the new curriculum would emphasize basic
mathematics, the Indonesian language, religious studies and