Indonesia’s National Police Suspend Inafis ID Card Program

By webadmin on 06:51 pm Apr 26, 2012
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Farouk Arnaz

Indonesia’s National Police announced on Thursday that they are suspending the roll out of their own electronic ID card amid massive criticism from watchdog groups and politicians.

The Rp 43.2 billion ($4.7 billion) ID card system — dubbed the Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System or Inafis for short — would integrate the nation’s fingerprint bank with photo identification, bank account numbers and other data. Police said it would help them solve crimes.

But critics said the system was a waste of money and was too similar to government’s planned e-KTP card.

National Police spokesman Ins. Gen. Saud Usman
Nasution said the program would be suspended on Thursday. But the stated reason for the suspension has nothing to do with overlap with the e-KTP card.

“We temporarily stop Inafis card service because we need to propose
to the government to revise 2010 government regulation on having non-tax
revenue [PNBP],” he said.

The National Police planned to charge Rp 35,000 per card. But now they are looking to give the card out for free, Saud said.

But to do that, the regulations need to change, he said.

important thing is we don’t want to be blamed if we don’t charge [the
applicants] because it is regulated in 2010 government regulation,” Saud
said. “So [if people want it to be free of charge] we want the
government regulation to be revised so we would not be responsible for the money.”

The money was set to go to the state as non-tax revenue, not the police, Saud said.

But for now, the police plan to gather data — like fingerprints — the old-fashioned way, he added.