Indonesia’s Fuel Protests #Trending as Twitter Meme

By webadmin on 04:36 pm Mar 27, 2012
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As the government’s planned fuel price hikes inspired protests across Indonesia on Tuesday, the nation’s Twitter users turned chants of “Turunkan Harga BBM” (Cut Fuel Prices) and “Turunkan SBY” (Bring Down [President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono]) into a Twitter meme.

#Turunkan, Indonesian for “cut” or “lower,” trended on Indonesia’s Twitter on Tuesday. As did #naikkan, meaning “raise” or “add,” as users tweeted tongue-in-cheek plays on the fuel protest’s popular chants.

“Cut school fees, add school holidays!” on tweet read.

“Cut my weight, add my height,” another prayed.

The list went on: “Raise the Internet speed, cut the connection fees”, “Increase my
exam scores”, “Add my intelligence”, “Improve the livelihood of the

#Naikkan briefly trended worldwide on Tuesday.