Indonesia’s Declining Wheat Imports Blamed on Climate Change

By webadmin on 11:57 am Oct 21, 2012
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Indonesia’s wheat imports from Turkey will probably decline because of climate change, according to a Turkish wheat exporter.

Shipments are likely to fall 39 percent to 236,070 tons this year, said Hakan Esen, who is a member of the Turkish Central Anatolia Export Association.

“We are experiencing a production shortfall because of climate change,” Esen said in Jakarta on Friday.

Turkey is one of Indonesia’s main wheat suppliers. Other major suppliers include Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Belgium and Australia.

According to data from the association, Turkey’s wheat exports to Indonesia have been declining since 2010.

Turkey exported 454,768 tons of wheat to Indonesia in 2010, and shipments fell to 387,406 tons last year.

“So far, we have been the largest supplier of wheat to Indonesia,” Esen said.

Last year, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Belgium and Australia exported 207,790 tons, 31,449 tons, 22,138 tons and 14,906 tons of wheat to Indonesia, respectively, he said.

Esen predicted Turkey’s wheat production to reach 2.5 million to 2.6 million tons this year.

Data from the Indonesia’s Central Statistics Agency (BSP) show that Indonesia’s wheat imports from Turkey in the first quarter hit 63,267 tons.