Indonesia’s Buddhists Call For Borobudur Temple Preservation

By webadmin on 04:31 pm May 06, 2012
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Buddhists urged the Indonesian government to preserve Central Java’s Borobudur temple as they massed on Mendut temple for the Buddhist holiday Vesak Day on Sunday.

The ninth-century temple — a Unesco World Heritage Site — is a popular pilgrimage site for Indonesia’s Buddhists during the Vesak Day, a holy celebration of Gautama Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. Students of the Indonesian Buddhist Students Group (Hikmahbuddhi) printed more than 5,000 brochures, handing them out to tourists and local residents on Sunday.

The students also hung banners calling for the temple’s preservation and helped clean the temple grounds of rubbish.

“We are working together with the local people for Borobudur preservation,” Hikmahbudi Chairwoman Ivana said in Magelang, Central Java on Sunday.

Vesak Day is celebrated on various dates across the globe, usually coinciding with the first full moon of May. Each nation’s Buddhists hold their own celebrations.

In Indonesia, Buddhists gather for prayers at Borobudur’s Mendut temple.