Indonesia’s Air Carriers Need Months to Adjust to Time Zone Change

By webadmin on 02:52 pm Jun 19, 2012
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Indonesia’s aviation industry needs to start adjusting schedules now if the nation is indeed changing to one time zone, the Indonesian National Air Carriers Association (Inaca) said on Monday.

Plans to unify the nation under a single clock need to be finalized before Indonesia’s air carriers change their schedules, Inaca Secretary General Tengku Burhanuddin said.

“The government has already declared the unification of time zones will take place in October, but we must be certain,” he said. “The airlines need time to adjust the time tables internationally. [But] we can’t tell the world [about the time change] and then learn that suddenly, the policy has been cancelled.”

The air industry has a lot of time-consuming work to do if Indonesia is going to switch to a single time zone.

The Ministry of Transportation estimates that it will take a minimum of three months to prepare the nation’s aviation industry for the time zone change. Flight schedules, ticketing, shift changes and plane rotations all need to adapt to the unified time zone, Tengku said.

But the change will affect international flights as well. It will take an estimated 56 days to get the rest of the world’s air carriers in line with the time change, Transportation Minister EE Mangindaan said in a letter.

It will also take some 34 days to get the aviation industry’s systems and operations set to the correct time, Mangindaan said.

Indonesia plans to adopt a single time zone in October, unifying the 5,271 kilometer-wide archipelago under one clock.

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