Indonesians Arrested for Murder of Taiwanese Boat Captain

By webadmin on 02:37 pm Jan 04, 2012
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Taipei. Two Indonesian deckhands on a Taiwanese fishing boat have been taken into custody after allegedly killing the boat’s skipper and throwing his body into the sea last December, prosecutors said on Tuesday.  

The two suspects, identified as Kartubi and Anwar Saepudin, were charged with killing Wang Yao-chang on Dec. 5, 2011, while the Chin Hai Hsiang No. 3 was fishing off Burma, said the Pingtung District Prosecutors Office.  

The prosecutors asked for the two to be detained out of concerns that they might attempt to escape and conspire with each other.  

Kartubi admitted beating Wang with a stick after being scolded by him. He and Saepudin are then believed to have thrown Wang overboard.  

The boat was intercepted by an Indian naval ship on Dec. 9 and escorted to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands between India and Burma.

The two were then brought to Taiwan for interrogation. Wang’s body has not been found.