Indonesian Woman Allegedly Paid Rp 200 Million to Have Ex-Husband Killed

By webadmin on 09:34 pm May 31, 2012
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Farouk Arnaz

Police believe that the fatal shooting of a businessman in Bandung last month was planned by the victims ex-wife, who hired several men for Rp 200 million ($21,000) to carry out the murder. The woman and two other suspects were attested on Wednesday in Bandung.   

“The perpetrators that have been arrested are victim’s former wife, 33, the murderer, 42, and [another man], also 42, who planned the murder,” said National Police Spokesman Ins. Gen. Saud Usman Nasution on Thursday. “From the initial investigation, we have found that the motive behind the murder was a family problem.”

Businessman Husein Witarja Komara, 42, was shot to death as he drove his car on May 4 in Bandung. Two unidentified eyewitnesses said they saw the black minivan chase after the victim, who attempted to escape before gunshots were fired — Husein was shot twice in his chest and neck.

Saud did not elaborate on the “family problem,” nor is it clear whether the perpetrators are professional killers. Police are still investigating whether a third hired suspect was involved.

“We’re still investigating whether they are hitman or not,” Saud said. “They were all arrested in Bandung on Wednesday at three separated locations.”

The three suspects are charged with premeditated murder, the maximum sanction for which is the death penalty.