Indonesian Vice President Cautions Mosques on Noise and Radicalism

By webadmin on 02:00 pm Apr 27, 2012
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Indonesian Vice President Boediono is the latest to add his voice to calls for Mosques to turn down the volume of their loud speakers.

“We fully understand that Azan [the call for prayer] is a holy calling for Muslims to perform their praying obligation,” Boediono said during a speech to open the national congress of Indonesian Board of Mosques (DMI) on Friday.

He said faint calls to prayer were more likely to enter a person’s heart rather than loud and noisy sounds.

He said that holy Koran taught people to lower their voices while praying to God for guidance.

Boediono also said that mosques should not be used as places to spread radicalism, sectarian fanaticism and hatred toward other religions and beliefs.

“Mosques should not fall into the hands of those who suggest provocative teachings that could end up in violence and terrorism,” he said. “[Mosques] should also prevent congregations from being intolerant, let alone the attitude of claiming other Muslims as heretical.”

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