Indonesian Tourism Official Dies in Medan Hotel Room

By webadmin on 06:24 pm Apr 30, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

A high-ranking official with the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry died in a Medan hotel room on Sunday after reportedly consuming a tonic promising to increase one’s sexual stamina and disrobing in front of a woman.

Turman Siagian, 49, was the head of the planning
and organization division of the ministry. He was in town on business.

Police said that Turman likely died of a heart attack.

But the woman — identified as A.M. — said Turman fell to the ground and began seizing in the bathroom after drinking a bottle of tonic that promised to enhance his sexual ability.

“I met him at the karaoke,” AM told
“We didn’t do anything. He had just taken off his clothes when he fell

His family denied the woman’s claims, explaining that Turman was a honest, church-going man.

“My brother died because of heart attack,” his brother Viktor Siagian told “He never did anything strange or improper. He was well respected [in the community].”

Turman’s remains were sent to Bekasi, West Java for burial. His family will hold a funeral on Tuesday.